Welcome to Beautiful Skier

Skiing has been practiced for at least eight millennia—the earliest archaeological examples were found in Russia and date to 6000 BCE. The sport has nearly always placed an emphasis on utility; it was created to facilitate easy movement across large swaths of snow. Even as a popular pastime, skiing prioritizes speed, endurance, and movement over everything else. We want to shift that conversation.

Beautiful Skier is a lifestyle brand devoted to bringing beauty into the world of skiing. Our resources are split into three categories:


  • Form; you can’t be a Beautiful Skier without good form.
  • Gear; stunning and well-designed equipment are always essential.
  • Destination; you can’t have a Beautiful Skier experience without a great view.


Our Form resources and tutorials will include tips and tricks for skiers of all levels—whether you’ve been on the mountain since you could walk or want to brush up for an upcoming group trip. Our Gear posts will detail some of the best, most beautifully-designed gear on the market today, including newly-released helmets, classic skis, and warm jackets. Finally, our Destination portal spotlights some of our favorite ski destinations around the world—all with a view, of course.

Skiing is a tough activity; athletes invest a lot of effort, a lot of sweat, and a lot of time in perfecting and honing their technique. Skiing, however, is also one of the most beautiful, graceful sports out there. We want to help fellow skiers strike the balance between grit and artistry. That’s what life’s all about, anyway.