Destination: Megève, France

Founded in the 1920s by Baroness Noémie de Rothschild, this stunning resort village is one of the prettiest in all of Europe. It offers close-up views of Mont Blanc—western Europe’s highest peak (4,810 meters)—and was one of the first purpose-built resorts in the Alps. The original resort was created within a medieval town at the base of the famous mountain. Within a few decades of its opening, the resort grew to be so popular that Jean Cocteau unofficially renamed it the, “21st arrondissement de Paris.”


Megève has roots in aristocracy; its first guests were wealthy Frenchmen, and it remains one of the most famous and fancy ski resorts in the world. The resort has expanded since its inception, but the town has retained several historical buildings—farmhouses, churches, and even the cobblestone streets. Visitors can visit any of the numerous high-end boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants at any tie of the year.


For all its glitz and glamour, Megève is—first and foremost—a ski town. The Alpine skiing area offers 8 square kilometers of skiable terrain, which is accessible by one of the 116 available lifts. There are 217 runs—445 kilometers of skiing. 33 trails are black diamonds (hardest), 84 are ungroomed reds, 63 are intermediate blues, and 378 are beginner/easy greens. There are 67 platter lifts, 35 chairlifts, and 13 gondola lifts, as well as a cable car. The Domaine Évasion Mont-Blanc, Megève’s Alpine skiing area, also boasts 18 cross-country trails totaling around 100 kilometers.


Megève is a popular destination at any time of year. The resort is renowned for its golfing opportunities. Additionally, the town served as the finishing town for stage 18 and the start town for stage 20 of the 2016 Tour de France. If you have the opportunity to visit this spectacular village, we highly recommend it. Not convinced? Do an image search of that view—we’re sure it will change your mind.